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Milking Scene Training Hypnosis


Learn to surrender to cock milking.

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A few months ago AustinBill (aka DCMilkMan) who runs cock milking groups on Fetlife and Yahoo groups, contacted Me. He wanted to commission a milking scene training hypnosis recording to help his milking subjects get into the right headspace. The idea was they would arrive ready to really let go and enjoy it more.
So he explained the fetish top to bottom and answered all My questions. He helped Me understand where a milking subject should be mentally to get the most out of a session.
I went to work, and three weeks later delivered the first draft. He listened, loved it, sent it to some guys, they loved it too. And he and they sent back a few suggestions to make it even better, which I included in this version.

So what does it do?

This hypnosis recording teaches a potential milking subject to focus on the sensation. To let go and let it happen. It helps make every part of the scene more erotic, more exciting. Being tied and helpless, having their dick milked whether they like it or not, having their cum harvested from them like an animal. All these feelings get amplified. It makes their scene more exciting than ever.
Be sure to let Me know how the training helps you, I always enjoy hearing people’s experiences with My hypnosis recordings.

In case you’re wondering what it feels like to go into trance with one of My recordings, or want to see if you can, here’s a preview, it’s the first half of this recording with an awakener at the end, so you can listen to the induction part. Just wear headphones or earbuds when you do because I use advanced stereo techniques that send different signals into each ear. Never listen while driving, btw. Find a quiet spot where you can relax and close your eyes.

Take the full 17 minutes, I’ve included a post-hypnotic suggestion to let you take some relaxation with you after hypnosis. Buy the full recording to get the milking scene training.


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