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On the Edge – gooner hypno scene


50+ minutes edging. Guys use a milking machine

Gooner hypno

Edging is such a simple way to take control. To let you know who’s in charge. As I make it clear in this gooner hypno recording – you don’t get to cum, till I say. You can get excited, pull your cock out, start jerking off. In fact, I’ll instruct you to do so.

But only so that you’ll suffer when I make you stop.

See, I like making you suffer. Sadist, you know. Kind of My thing. And you will suffer.

Getting all excited, ready to burst, just needing a little more…and then I say “stop”. 

Aww, too bad

Hope you don’t mind if I laugh at you. There’s nothing funnier than a guy desperately needing to get off, squirming because he can’t. Now that’s entertainment!

But there’s this strange thing that happens at the end…

If I do let you get off, and make no mistake, it’s an “if”… if I do let you get off, all that starting and stopping, building and denying and needing, needing, needing… well, the effect of all that starting and stopping combines to culminate in one hell of a mind-blowing orgasm!

And do you know what that means? It means that no matter how much hell I put you through, very soon you’ll just want to do it all again.

Edging and hypnosis – What a perfect pairing!

In this nearly-hour long gooner hypno, after taking you deep into trance, I teach you to stroke your cock without realizing that you’re doing it. Makes it feel like something else is stroking you.

Then I take you into a scene.

A college party. The host lives on a dairy farm, and he and some friends of his decide to go down to the dairy barn for a little tour. When they get there, someone has the bright idea of wondering aloud what it would be like to put a milking machine on someone’s cock.

All eyes turn to you.

Next thing you know, they’re putting it on you, taking it off you, driving you crazy with it, humiliating you as they take you to the edge over and over and over!


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