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Master’s Boots – Slaveheart #5


I ramp up your boot fetish – you kiss and lick My boots

Maybe you didn’t have a boot fetish before. Oh, you know that some fags want to kiss Master’s boots, lick them. They’d love a real man to take His boots and step on their face with them. But maybe you never got into it.

Every slave needs to kneel at Master’s boots

Funny thing, even if you never felt a need to, you’re about to. Because it’s inside every faggot slave. The way you need Me to step over your boundaries and push you around. The way you need Me to trample you. The way you need to be under My feet.

It’s all connected, even if you haven’t realized it yet. Maybe you just need a swift boot in the ass.

Something I love about hypnosis is that I can open you up to fetishes you never knew you had before. So even if you didn’t have a boot fetish before, you’ll have one soon.

Find yourself drooling over them

And if you do, already, happen to be aware of your intense attraction to men in boots, well then you already have an idea of how much you’re going to love this. Because after I use hypnosis to put you in trance and amplify your attraction to My boots till you’re drooling, I’m going to let you taste them. To kiss and lick them.

Time to lick Master’s boots

I’m even going to step on your face and let you lick the dirt from the treads of My boots. And of course, I’m going to be putting you down and laughing at you, because you’re a faggot bootlicker. And, I think you already know by now, it’s going to drive you wild. That means you’ll be going even further under My control.

That’s why it’s the fifth installment in My Slaveheart Series. Because I know that every faggot slave, whether they know it or not, has a fetish for Master’s Boots. And every one of you needs to take the time to explore it, to really plumb the depths of your own slave nature.

See, when you look into the place where your hottest fantasies live, there’s a reason the strong, dominant men there wear boots. You’re going to find out why – as you get down on your knees to worship – Master’s Boots!

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