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Bound to My Voice

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The replacement for My earlier “Slave to My Voice”

This one explores the same ideas, of training you to feel intense arousal when you hear My voice, and bringing you under My power.

This time however, I’ve got five more years of experience under My belt. It’s all new, with new techniques. With multiple voices going throughout the 45 minute recording, and far more advanced ways of getting the message deeper inside your mind, this is beyond anything you’ve ever heard.

Gay slave training

And all that means, it’s time to start your journey.

In Bound to My Voice, you’ll learn to feel arousal and submission every time you hear My voice. This naturally brings you back to kneel at My boots, again and again. Hopelessl

And time to fall under My power as I cause you to become “Bound to My Voice”.

45 minutes                                                       – July 2015