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Wired for Chastity


Rewired to have arousal go to your ass instead

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In this Wired for Chastity hypnosis you’ll start living the life of a faggot whore!

The more you stay horny, the more you’re motivated to chase after dick. That’s obvious, isn’t it? Of course it is.

So in this recording – I use the power of chastity hypnosis to rewire you to quit ejaculating, so you can stay horny and desperate for cock.

How do I do that?

  1. I indoctrinate you in the importance of keeping from shooting your load.
  2. Then I rewire your arousal, so that instead of going to your dick and making it get hard, making you want to play with it, instead the arousal goes to your ass and makes you start to need a big dick fucking you stupid.
  3. And then I use hypnotic anesthesia (the same techniques used to do surgery under hypnosis) so when you get horny – your dick gets numb!


Soon you’ll be a much hornier faggot. That means you’ll need to chase dick and get fucked. Soon you’ll be living out your true purpose in life as the faggot whore you’re meant to be.

Embrace your destiny, get Wired for Chastity!

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