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Master’s ATM


Feel controlled as you tribute

This isn’t for everybody

This is for the ATM slave cash fags. The ones who need to be seriously controlled. For real.

The ones who know that to really be serving Master, they need to be giving Master their cash. Because it’s real.

For the ones who think a really hot time is being controlled, used, not in a fantasy, not in a role-play; but by being made to tribute Master with their hard-earned cash. Because it’s real. 

Fair warning

If you listen to this recording, whether you’re into financial domination or not, the effect will be the same. You’re gonna be My ATM slave. Master’s ATM.

That’s just how it is.

This hypnosis is serious brain-washing made to turn you into a fag that gets turned on by sending Me money, a fag that needs to send Me their money, a fag that lives to send Me their money.

Master’s ATM slave

It really is brain-washing, indoctrination under hypnosis, and there’s nothing ethical about it. You get a warning, and that’s it. Once you listen, you’re going under.

I’ve spent the last two months working on it, polishing it, getting it perfect. Constructing it to put My commands so deep in your unconscious that you won’t know whether you’re doing it because you want to, or whether you’re doing it because I want you to.

All you really know is that you find yourself sending Me your money, and you get really excited when you do, because it’s real.

What do I mean, “because it’s real”? Very simple. When you see yourself sending Me your money, you’ll know I really control you. That I own you. That it’s real.

And how does it work?

Just like the men inside the Trojan Horse, who were brought inside and then threw the city gates wide open – My commands, going deep inside your mind, are going to lower your defenses and give Me total control over you.

This is not a fantasy. This is you, sending Me real money, without the ability to stop. Becoming an ATM slave.

This is you, really being under My control.

So think very carefully before you listen to this brainwashing cash slave hypnosis recording.

Because it’s real

40 minutes                        -January 2016


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