The Shadow Priest looking over his sunglassesGetting into your head, bringing your sick little fantasies to life – I am The Shadow Priest. You may call Me Sir.

I practice BDSM phone domination and erotic, dominant hypnosis.

I work with people’s secret fantasies, fleshing them out and bringing them to life. For Me, it’s not the specific content of the fantasy. I enjoy running the show, there’s just something about taking control and bringing a person to a place not often visited that makes Me very happy.

An explorer of that part of the human psyche which doesn’t lend itself to simple understanding, a part so rarely admitted, much less spoken of.


About Me — 4 Comments

  1. It would be an honor to worship at the feet of a handsome master like you, and to beg to lick your boots clean for you. I need to be used by a handsome/alpha male, for his pleasure.

  2. Master, can you do a session that uses a wristwatch to hypnotise your victims and makes them into a total slave for as long as I wear it.
    i love and worship your voice

  3. Shadow Priest is the best Hypno-Dom, i have met. His files make me easy going into trance and let me live the scenes, he created. it feels very real. i have a wonderful mindfuck with his files, works better than drugs.

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