After a misconsidered night out drinking and living it up, you’re behind on the rent. The plan was, you’d just stop in for one drink and that would be it. But that one drink somehow turned into rounds for the bar, a craazy night, and now you’re in trouble.

You’ve been avoiding Me, ignoring My calls, trying to duck Me till you had the rent. But when you get home from work you don’t even see Me walking up behind you till I’ve got My hand on your shooulder and I’m walking you right inside, slamming the door shut behind Me.

You know from experience what an asshole I can be when the rent is late. You’re expecting another humiliating, ballbusting experience. But this time, something about the way I’m looking at you, like a piece of meat, is different.

Something tells you that this time, I’m gonna be doing something more to your ass than just chewing it out…

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