Chained to My Voice



This hypnosis is the first in the “Slaveheart” series, which is designed to brainwash faggots into serving Master as a faggot slave ought to. You’ll learn to have a certain reaction to hearing My voice – arousal, submission, trust. It sets you up to fall easily under My control, which naturally, is exactly what you’ll want to do.

I started working on it when I noticed I’d been getting requests for a shorter file, one which a faggot could listen to repeatedly. So I made one only twenty three minutes long, one that doesn’t take you to orgasm.┬áThat means you can listen over and over, as you welcome Master’s voice deep inside your mind. Soon you’ll you be wondering whether your new fascination with Me is coming from your own thoughts, or the ones I put inside you.

Of course, maybe I’m just allowing you to experience what’s already there.

Faggot Instinct comes bundled with this. It’s a hot eight minute sermon designed to teach you why you have the fantasies you have and what they mean. Soon you’ll understand so much more about what it truly means to be a faggot slave.