The correct and natural order of things requires that inferior faggots like you submit to and serve superior men like Me. Without Me, you are rudderless, suffering from the discontent of freedom. Under My Domination you find your true calling, your proper place in this world.


Some men are meant to wield power, some men are meant to worship power. Once you understand your place in the structure of power, you’ll open the door to a much deeper eroticism. By kneeling at My feet, worshipping My power, you’ll find new meaning through your submission.


The path of wisdom requires that you accept your own true nature, submission. As you start to make peace with your own inferiority, accepting your need to serve Me and bow before Me, you’ll begin to feel excitement, beginning to feel a newly emergent life-force as the true nature you once denied is allowed to florish, ready to enjoy living as the slave you were always meant to be.

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