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Not everything is for everyone

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When I released My new poppers file that trains you to go whore your ass out – “Green Light to Whore”, some of My devoted slaves expressed a hesitation.

See, the excitement that many of My devoted slaves feel comes when you surrender to My power, hear My voice in your head, feel My control growing inside you. The thought of getting on Grindr and getting random guys to fuck your ass may be strange for many of you.

If I wanted to, I could certainly direct a slave to do that to show their obedience, and it would be quite hot. But that's something I would do one-on-one, not in a mass email.

So a few messaged Me, looking for clarification. I told them it wasn’t for them. I explained that this was a file for the fuck pig types.

And that made Me realize, all My faggots need to know an important thing about My files:

Not everything is for everyone

The files I make are a lot like the sex I have in person. Sometimes I want to do a hot and dark BDSM scene, sometimes I just want to fuck someone rough and raunchy, and sometimes I see someone and want to make them My well-trained slave.

Often I find different people for these things.

Same goes for My files. Now for some of My boys, they’re going to want to get everything I make. But for most, some of My files will be right for you and some will not be.

When one comes along that’s not for you, smile and know that some other fag is having his lucky day, getting just what he always dreamed of. Your turn will come around again soon.

How to know what’s for you?

Follow your cock. (Or your mouth or ass, whatever draws you) How much more simple could it be? You’ve got a fucking compass needle between your legs, right?

So when you read My description of a file and it makes you start getting horny, go listen to it.

That works for Me, because I like to grab you by your lust, to use your own desire to take you deeper into My world, under My power.

I don’t need you to listen to what doesn’t excite you.

And that means that whether you’re listening to My slavery recordings like the Sublevel files or the Slaveheart series, or you’re going down the raunchy pig route with files like Green Light to Whore or the other files I’ve got under the “Get Used” heading on My hypnosis page, when you listen to what IS right for you, I’m using your deepest, darkest desires to take you further under My control.

And at the end of the day, that’s what matters.