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A Faggot’s Journey

What is the faggot’s journey? It starts with something. A need. A need that comes through in your fantasies. When you imagine it, it makes you get so horny.

But you couldn’t possibly give in to it. Live it. Hell, some days you can hardly admit to yourself that you dream about it.

But what if you could give in to it?

And what would it be like if you could let go of what holds you back? 

There are a lot faggots who can answer that question. 

You see, I get messages from them, faggots just like you, from all over the world, thanking Me for getting them where they needed to be.

What if I can help you get there too?

These faggots are telling Me that My hypnosis recordings changed their lives. That something about listening to My hypnosis recording can open your mind. That they can get you making changes, giving into your fantasies. Living the life you’re born to live.

Because I know how to take you on the Faggot’s Journey

You might not realize it, but each recording I make is packed with techniques to open your mind and help you on this faggot’s journey. 

Now, do I have to do that?

No. If all I did was give you a hot experience with a powerful orgasm, that would be good enough, right? But no, not for Me. Because for a Master, “good enough”… isn’t.

And that’s why, with every hypnosis recording I make, I’m taking you further on the journey. Why I show you what can be. Why I open the door for you and lead you along the way, from deep inside your mind.

Go further tonight with one of My hypnosis recordings.

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