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Where do you need to be?

Isn’t the correct answer: “on your knees in front of Me”? Yes, it is.
Because you’re a faggot. You know it. I know it.

Think about it.


You’ve got a tongue in your mouth. Does it feel strange, just sitting in there? Wouldn’t it feel better on a boot? On My boot? Licking that boot?

Of course it would. That’s where it belongs.

Or how would it feel if it was tasting a cock in your mouth? My cock. Even better, right?

We won’t start thinking about your ass. About what might feel good in your ass. Stretching it out. Filling it up. Pounding it hard.

That would be too easy. It might make you get too horny. Might make you start to get hard. Right now. Wouldn’t want that.

After all, if you start getting so turned on, you might have trouble thinking, trouble making it to the phone to call Me. Now, that would be a bad thing. So don’t start imagining My cock in your ass.

Just don’t.

Just ask yourself one simple question – where do you need to be?

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