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Take the Shortcut to Subspace!

Shortcut to subspace with hypnosis

Subspace. That beautiful floating feeling you get when you’re feeling Master’s power. When your mind goes blank. When obedience happens automatically because your little faggot head starts bobbing up and down as soon as I tell you what to do and it feels so good.

How Do you Go Deep in Subspace?

Subspace is a function of feeling My power overwhelm you, taking you out of your everyday mentality. The mental state changes completely as you feel My power go inside your mind… watch it take over… notice how it makes you feel small… and feel the mind go blank because you’re dropping firmly under My control. 

And you love it. This floating feeling. It’s so relaxing, because you’re letting go of any need to control anything. You can forget for a while – all those things you’ve been thinking about. Worrying about. All that shit disappears when you’re under My control.

All that’s left is being who you’re meant to be. What you’re meant to be. A slave. A mindless slave.

Now there’s a question – how can you go into such a state? And is there a way to make it happen it quicker?

Shortcut to Subspace

Subspace is a mental state. And one of the best tools in My toolbox for creating and controlling mental states is hypnosis. Now you may have noticed that I often recommend listening to these hypnosis recordings I’ve been making for you. (I know, I’m really subtle about that, aren’t I?) There’s a reason for that.

I’ve been using hypnosis recordings to creates anchors inside you that allow you to access this state more easily.

In fact, each time you go into trance and go under My control, each time you feel your mind go empty and you drop deep under My power, I’m teaching your unconscious to attach this state to My voice. 

And that means, more and more, as you listen to My recordings, with each new file and each time you listen, your unconscious is linking these wonderful mindless mental states to the sound of My voice. 

That’s an anchor. And when that anchor is firmly installed, as soon as you hear Me say, as I do in the beginning of every hypnosis recording I make – “you’re listening to The Shadow Priest”, you can feel it happen. That shift, as the mind begins to go blank, you start to feel My power, and you start to drop. (And if you’ve ever suspected that there’s a similarity between subspace and hypnotic trance, you’re not wrong.) And then you just go deeper and deeper from there.

The Best Way to Build that Shortcut

Did you already guess I was going to say “listen to My hypnosis files”? Okay, you’re right. That is the best way. Go do that.

In particular, you’re going to want to listen to My Sublevel files. So far, they’re the most advanced way to get My voice deep inside your mind and set up that anchor. 

As you listen to them repeatedly (and you do know you can and should listen to these files multiple times, right?) the changes are going deeper inside. Becoming more potent with each listen.

My fags who get the most from these files, and I’m talking mind-expanding, life-changing, slavegasmic pleasure most) are the ones who make a regular habit of listening to these files.

And those changes can be yours too. In fact, I want them to be. I want you to enjoy these mental states, these times when you can let go and step into another world, and feel so amazing. This is Master’s gift to you.

If you’ve already got the Sublevel files I’ve made so far, good. Keep listening.

If you don’t have them all yet, go get them!


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