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What Hides in the Shadows

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Breaking through taboos

In 1969, Anton LaVey blew minds with The Satanic Bible. In it, he broke taboos – blasphemy against the god of the bible! It wasn’t actually about worshiping Satan. Like Myself, he viewed Satan as a concept rather than a real being. Rather it was about thinking for yourself and not being controlled by outdated ideas about what you should feel and desire.

Now if you call Me and want Me to talk about Satan and the demons, that’s not really what I’m all about. I don’t spend much time with that because I consider it a stepping-stone. 

All that stuff was done to shock people out of old entrenched beliefs. Back then people were much more controlled by religion and conformity. They had stagnant beliefs about what a person “should be”. We’re past that. Most of us don’t need LaVey’s kind of pageantry to shock us out of the controlling power of those old beliefs.

Something to get to the deep parts

That being said, to truly embrace the kind of hidden desires the faggots who come to Me have, it helps to have something that can get into the deeper parts of yourself and shake things loose, to break through old limits and give you permission to be what you’re driven to be. 

As you know, I do that for My boys mainly through My hypnosis files – both programming files and scene files, which are kind of a mind-expanding, taboo-busting psychodrama.

Where the fun is

And why do I love doing this? Because that secret stuff, those fantasies you hide away, they’re driven by things deep inside you you’re barely aware of – and that’s where the energy is.

That’s what’s interesting, you see. Most of things people talk about are bullshit, superficial nonsense that bores the fuck out of Me. What’s the line in Fight Club? “Working jobs you hate, to buy things you don’t need, to impress people you don’t like”? Something like that. That’s most of life. I want to know what’s beyond that.

Look deep inside

And that’s what makes Me The Shadow Priest. I look deeper to connect you (priest) with what’s hidden inside you (the Jungian shadow).

A little hypnosis here, a little psychodrama there, some explosive orgasms and mindless devotion – and suddenly we’re getting to this really interesting stuff. 

Going deep has benefits. Obviously, that’s where the energy is, the trapped, frustrated energy looking for an outlet. That’s why it leads to such powerful arousal and orgasms.

Beyond that, it can lead to 

  • a greater awareness of one’s true nature
  • self-acceptance
  • a more authentic way of being in one’s skin
  • relief as so many questions find answers

My favorite messages that I get from my fags aren’t the ones that say “I came so hard”, though of course I enjoy reading those. They’re the ones that tell Me how much My recordings have led to this kind of growth. People are moving beyond shame and confusion to find acceptance of their true destinies, feel lighter as they shed bullshit ideas of who they “should be”, and become the happy little faggot slaves or fucktoys that you know you need to be.

All by delving into their dark fantasies.

Not too bad for hypnosis files that promise little more than a good time.

Who’s it for?

Some who come to Me are driven by a need to be slaves, some by a need to get fucked hard, some by a need to be humiliated, dominated. There are differences, and I make different things for different types of guys, but you see how it all comes together, the commonality. 

I play with the desires which hide in the shadows.

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