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When you need to be Mindless

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Wherever you go, there you are… but only till you aren’t.

Because sometimes you need to get away from yourself. Away from the thoughts. And all the things. It’s good to step out of your head from time to time.

And when you need to get away from your thoughts, what better way then to listen to Master’s voice and let it all disappear?

Sometimes I think that’s one of the major drivers behind the hypnosis fetish. Not just that I get inside your mind and take control with the power of hypnosis, but also that you can just check out, drift.


Because when I turn off your mind you can feel so good. Everything disappears. You get this wonderful feeling. My faggots describe it in many ways, and however they describe it, you know they’re having a damned good time.

When you’ve had enough of thinking for yourself, and you’re ready to experience some mindless time, here are some hypnosis recordings to get you there –

Faggot Mind Eraser – I erase your mind. Amnesia protocol leads to forgetting what even happened in the recording.

Mindless Popper Brainwashing – Take a hit and say goodnight.

Sublevel A.3 The Spiral Within – Visualization that causes you to go deeper and deeper, leaving it all behind.

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