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What’s a faggot’s place?

BDSM Shadow Priest in leather ready to teach you a faggot's place

First, let’s get real

Do you think it’s a faggot’s place to be standing tall, looking a real man in the eye?

Of course not.

Instinctively, you know better. There’s something inside you that makes you aware that you are inferior. A need to lower your eyes when a real man is around. Why? Because on some level, deep inside you know your place.

And the truth is, you shouldn’t even be standing. You should get down on all fours and touch your head to the ground. To show subservience. And to offer your faggot ass in case they want to fuck you.

Slave who's learned a faggot's place

You should crawl before Master

This simple truth, that a faggot should be on all fours before a real man, this is why I created My latest hypnosis file: Sublevel B.1 – Crawl Before Master. It takes stuff that’s already inside you and uses it to bring you to your knees before Me. It puts you in your place.

Because there’s already something deep inside you where you know how inferior you are. You feel it, don’t you? When you look at a real man, you feel the way you need to be on your knees. You feel the way you need to be used.

When I work My hypnotic alchemy, these deep things go under My control. And so do you.

Faggot turned to puddle of lust by being put in a faggot's place

Do you know how bad you need it?

What happens when it builds up inside you? This need to be in your proper place — on the floor, crawling before a real man’s boots?

You feel something. An unspoken need. A longing. That’s your faggot nature begging for a real man to take control. To put you in a faggot’s place. On all fours. You need to crawl before Master like a faggot slave should.

Tonight, learn your place. Listen to Sublevel B.1 – Crawl Before Master. Be where you need to be.