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Brainwashing Compounds over Time

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Most people go through life with one foot on the gas, one foot on the brake. Wanting, and avoiding. Tiring themselves out and feeling drained without having done much of any consequence.

When it comes to your need to be a faggot slave, it feels like that, doesn’t it? You want it. You need it. But you fear it and avoid it. 

One foot gas, one foot brake. Boldly going nowhere

We understand the foot on the gas. You want to have fun. Excitement. You get so turned on when you get so used. When you get humiliated. When you get controlled.

But what about the brake?

Fear. Ego. Conditioning. 

It’s all bullshit, but as long as it’s deep inside you, it holds you back. Frustrates you.

Keeps you from truly enjoying and exploring your life. From finding out what life could truly be if you could just let go and be what you feel you’re called to be.

I help you get off the brake

Each hypnosis file I create for My faggots is designed to not just amplify your desire, “the gas”, but also to remove that which holds you back – “the brakes”. 

Since these things are deep inside you, it makes sense to use things like hypnosis and conditioning, which work deep inside, to remove them. 

Watch how the Brainwashing Compounds

Now, if you listen to one file, one time, I’m sure it will be a very nice experience. It’ll get you hot, excited. And you might get a small taste of what could someday be.

But the real magic, I’m finding, as I watch My faithful slaves listen to file after file, again and again, and then start to follow My commands with small rituals, periods of chastity, demonstrations of obedience, the true magic happens over time. The brainwashing compounds. 

^^ This guy gets it ^^

Now, even though it takes a little time as the brainwashing compounds, I suspect you’ll find, like so many of My horny faggots, that it is a rather pleasant way to spend the time.

If you haven’t got My latest recording, Faggot Panic, yet, go check it out. A few listens and you’ll find yourself feeling a rather increased excitement in your daily life.

Click here to get Faggot Panic  – brainwashing to create frantic excitement for being used by Master.

And here’s Mindless Fucktoy, a fun scene where your mind is turned off and you’re used as a fucktoy.

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