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Ready for gay slave training with The Shadow Priest

How can gay slave training help you accept your natural destiny as a slave?

The slave you long to be

If you’ve ever seen a real slave serving his Master, you may have realized how excited and happy he was. Even though his master may have hurt him, degraded him, humiliated him – he was loving it.

You may have felt jealous. Why? Because there’s a part of you that wants that very thing. You want to be on your knees, you want to be controlled – you want to be that slave.

Maybe you’ve resigned yourself to accepting that you could never be that slave. That it’ll only ever be just a hot fantasy. That the faggot that can be that happy faggot slave is some other kind of guy, and can’t be you. Deep inside, haven’t you always been telling yourself that?

Aren’t you glad I’m here to tell you you’re wrong?

And here’s the proof – you’re here. Reading My words. That means you’re right here where so many faggot slaves have started their journey into slavery. Where so many slave have begun to embrace their destiny as natural born slaves.

You’re feeling the excitement they felt. You’ve got the questions they had. The fears, the doubts. I know. They all had them too. And many of them have gone right on to being the faggot slaves they could only dream of.

Just like you can. And how do I know that you can? It’s simple…

You didn’t get here by accident

You’re on a website called “Master of faggots”. Only those who are called to be slaves come here and stick around to read this far. They may not know where they’ll wind up when they start on this path, but they get there. I take them there. And I can take you there too.

How do I go about this, let’s call it gay slave training? (We’ll be nice. In time you can get used to Me calling you what you are.)

I know the things that hold you back from getting where you need to be are right inside your mind, no where else, so I go deep inside your mind.

I’m a certified hypnotist, you see. Yes, you could come to Me with problems, I could use hypnosis to help you with them, I’m more than qualified, but here I like to use hypnosis for darker purposes.

And I use hypnosis, effectively but not at all ethically (I’m honest about it), to help you let go of anything that holds you back from accepting your place as that slave you wish you could be.

Isn’t that a rather nice way of saying I take over your mind? I like to think so. And don’t worry, you’ll love it.

Where does this gay slave training take you?

Those who listen to My slave training hypnosis recordings go in one of three directions.

There are those who simply enjoy the recordings. They find them tremendously enjoyable, and they do notice changes happening. Greater excitement and enjoyment. Seeing themselves differently. But that’s all they do till it’s time to do something more. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Others go further. Changes happen, they find they get over everything that held them back from putting themselves out there as slaves. And under My indoctrination – excitement, need, and lust ramp up so powerfully that they can’t be satisfied with anything other than a Master whose boots they can lick, and they find themselves a local master and serve him with mindless obedience. This pleases Me greatly. Their unconscious knows how to transfer all the excitement and devotion they’ve come to feel toward Me to their new Master, and this is all part of the plan.

And others find there can be no substitute at all for serving Me. Though I may not be there in person, and I’m not a “call you every day and tell you how many peas you can eat” kind of Master, they reach out to Me, form an ongoing relationship and begin to serve as My personal slaves. Those who do have found an increasing devotion and ecstasy in service, more akin to worship than anything else, which grows tremendously through the years.

What does this ecstasy look like?

One of My devoted slaves wrote Me just this morning (day after Thanksgiving, 2023) to let Me know that he woke up, decided to send Me a tribute just out of the blue, and as he sent it – even thought he was wearing a metal chastity cage – he had a spontaneous hands-free ejaculatory orgasm!

Can you imagine how horny you have to be, how incredibly devoted you have to be, to have that happen? Long-term gay slave training can do that to you.

You see, the mind is a powerful thing. And this training I do has a way of building and building, turning into an all-consuming mindless ecstasy.

How do I turn you into a mindless slave with hypnosis?

When I use hypnosis, it’s easy to release the things that held you back from living your natural destiny as a faggot slave. All the fears, the doubts, the expectations and programming from family, friends, religion, society – you’ll notice how easily these things fade away. You’ll see easily how irrelevant they are.

This leaves you free to allow yourself to become a slave.

Then I ramp up your horniness. All these hot fantasies you’ve had, all this excitement, can all become more powerful. And I can concentrate them on a focal point – Me. As you begin to feel all the excitement you’ve ever felt about serving a real man and you feel it when you read My words, see My face, hear My voice – it’s a powerful tool in truly effective gay slave training because it becomes such a force for breaking you past what held you back to make you a real slave. The sex drive is a powerful drive.

Some Elements of Gay Slave Training


Sometimes I take you on hot adventures – fantasy scenes, in hypnosis. You may experience Me playing with you – dominating you, using you, fucking you.


Other times, guided journeys that open up new pathways deep inside you. Things you’ve felt hints of, but never really knew till I open them up for you.

I combine those with simple reprogramming to open you to new ways of being which are more appropriate for you.


Writers write. Runners run. What does a slave do? A slave obeys Master.

To truly feel yourself as slave, you must obey. In fact, each act of obedience will take you deeper into slavery. Consider how one digs a well – one shovelful of dirt at a time. You don’t know how many it will take, but keep digging, and eventually you hit water. Same with obedience. Obey enough times, over and over again, till it become habits, and one day it dawns on you – you’re truly living as a slave!


You’ll notice I often have chanting – all the Slaveheart files except #1 have chanting, as do all the Sublevel files. Why?

Because when you chant along with other slaves, it does things to you. It imprints the teachings deep inside. It changes you, chanting. Especially with other slaves. There’s a reason so many mystic traditions use chanting. Yes, it’s a lot of work taking chanting from 6-10 slaves and making them all work together – in time and in tune, but it’s worth it for what it does to you.


As a slave advances, a good tool to move further is chastity. Chastity, when done consciously in obedience to Master, is an amazing tool for taking you deeper into slavery and cause you to feel not just maddening lust, but also an ecstasy that arises from the suffering of chastity in obedience to Master. With proper training, obedience can lead to a slavegasm more powerful than orgasm. Until you know from experience, you won’t understand how intense and amazing this is.

“…Holy choir practice! i’m losing my mind and gaining my senses! Each chant is a chance to practice mindless obedience! The perfect outlet for my pent up sexuality more meaningful than any kind of self gratification! Grateful to be chaste under Master!”

Robin Trapped 9.16.22

“…Marinating every night in Master’s magical brainwashing remains an essential part of every day. Slowly feeling my reality grow more in devoted obedience to Master’s will…Your horny, chastised faggot slave woke to the calling of purpose to obey Master with pride, pleasure and service”

Master’s Beast 4.20.23

Embrace your Destiny With Gay Slave Training

Yes, I borrow from the mystic traditions, because isn’t that what we’re doing? Slavery transcends mere hot fantasy. It changes you. Grows you. It is a transcendent practice – one that causes you to transcend your everyday reality, your day-to-day mundane life and views and ways of seeing the world.

And that’s My mentality on gay slave training. It’s not just about making you understand that I own your ass.


It’s about this realization that every person has their own destiny, their own path that’s right for them. Realizing they grow into the best version of themselves only when they follow this path.

Your arousal, your intense need for this, it demonstrates clearly that this is your path, your destiny. So this is the path which you will grow on.


As you walk this path, you learn to put aside other people’s expectations, to walk your own path. The path of surrender and obedience. And as you walk this path, you feel the world open up. Because you do. You open to your own deeper realities, the ones you’ve been afraid to acknowledge. You go beyond.


And in this growth, in this place beyond, there is ecstasy.

Up till now, you’ve only imagined it. Perhaps you’ve seen this ecstasy on the face of a slave as his Master beats him, humiliates him, fucks him. Perhaps you imagine being him, looking up at a powerful man, fantasize about feeling his power, dream about feeling the intense ecstasy. But,

Have you ever tasted it?

If you haven’t been there personally, if you haven’t felt the ecstasy as Master controls you, rewrites your reality and brings you to the intensity of true submission and surrender, then no.

Because you haven’t yet been trained. Opened. Released from the bonds that hold you back from freely accepting the bonds which are your birthright and your destiny.

You haven’t yet had My words in your head, opening you. Rewriting the programming that controls you. You haven’t yet had My voice showing you the path to faggot slave ecstasy.

Don’t you think it’s time to change that?

The first step is to get properly addicted to Master’s voice. Why? Because when you feel such an ecstasy just from listening to the sound of My voice, then you’ll more easily find yourself listening over and over, to each hypnosis recording I make to take you from where you are to where you need to be.

With each listen, each recording, you’ll find yourself going deeper. This positive addiction will create a drive that powers you to your destiny – on your knees before Master, feeling the way I own your ass, and loving every minute of it.

Go listen to Sublevel A.1 – Addicted to My Voice, and get started on your path.

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