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What is the Mask that a Faggot Whore wears?

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You know the need you have, because you fantasize about it.

You imagine being on your knees, blowing guys. Not just “a” guy, guys. Plural. Going from cock to cock, getting them in your mouth.

You dream of guys taking turns pounding your ass. Feeling them use you, stretch your hole out, fill you with hot cum.

What you need is what you dream about. You need to be a whore.

The Mask you wear

You know you need it. But at the same time, you can’t let people know that. Not the people in your life, anyway. Friends, coworkers, family – they can’t ever know what a depraved whore you really need to be.

So you wear a mask.

A “respectable guy” mask. You pretend to be the sort of guy that other people respect. Certainly not the kind of guy who would spend his nights in the back room of a bar getting used by men he’d never met, men taking turns pounding him. No siree bob, that’s certainly not you. They’d never guess. You make sure of that.

In fact, as you wear that mask of respectability, day by day, there’s a danger. Namely, that you can wear that mask so long, play the part so convincingly, that you might even fool yourself. You might forget who you really are. You might start to imagine that you’re not really a cock hungry whore at all.

You’d be wrong.

How can you tell if you’ve fooled yourself with the mask?

That’s simple. The faggot whore who’s fooled himself isn’t getting fucked the way he should be. Isn’t on his knees in front of real men, begging for cock.

Has that happened to you? If it has, then you need to get in touch with who you really are. To delve into your fantasies and remember who you really are. As I’ve taught My faggots many times – your fantasies are a sign, a guide, to who you really are, who you need to be.

You may be so trapped in this mask you’ve been wearing that you’ve simply forgotten how to find yourself. Lost. Confused. Frustrated. You know something’s missing, but you just can’t seem to find it.

I can help you

When I make My hypnosis files, there’s a reason that they resonate so well with faggots around the world. That’s because I’m not just making little fantasies for you to jerk off to.

I’m making hypnosis files to help you find yourself. To be the faggot whore you know you need to be. That’s why My boys keep coming back for more, file after file. They can tell there’s something to these recordings I make that goes way beyond just the hot time I advertise.

Because when it comes to finding your way as a desperate faggot whore, to remembering what you are, what you’re meant to be, I keep making better and better hypnosis recordings to help you with that. Hypnosis to open you up, to get you past whatever’s holding you back. Hypnosis to amplify your need. To get you out there taking cock just the way you know you need to.

I’m a goddamned humanitarian is what I am. Who looks out for you?

Here are some easy links to remind you of some of the files I’ve made to help you.

Get Help Whoring with Hypnosis

Green Light to Whore
Can’t Say No
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Mindless Fuck Toy
Desperate Whore Training

Now go get what I’ve made for you and get that faggot ass whoring!

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