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Let’s see how my muscle fags are doing

Hot musclefag body

A couple years back, a question popped into My mind. “I’m good at using hypnosis to make faggots horny, and I’m good at using hypnosis to connect one thing to another. What if I connected the power of faggot lust in such a way that it would help My faggots develop the hot bodies they want, and have fun while they do it?”

Enter the Musclefag

From that question, I created the first Musclefag file. A hypnosis file which trains you to reinterpret the pain and sacrifice of being in the gym to remind you of being in a hot scene, being used by and serving Master.

Later I created Musclefag 2, in which you come to see a vision of the body you want, imagine guys wanting to fuck you with that body, and use the lust that generates to motivate you to build it.

Musclefag 3 I created during covid lockdowns. It’s to motivate you to work out at home. “Whatever you have, wherever you are, whenever you can.”

My latest creation

Recently, one of My slaves and successful musclefags, “Master’s beast”, mentioned he had a sweet tooth. It was making it hard to develop the shredded body he was looking for. That’s when I realized that working out isn’t enough. My fags need a craving for healthy food that fuels your transformation.

So I created Musclefag: Fuel. I use advanced techniques to break you out of “sweet tooth” and other junk food cravings. Then, I get you focused on feeding your growth with good clean fuel. And of course, I use the power of your own lust to get you moving.

What are My musclefags saying?

Here are just some of the positive messages I’ve gotten from fags who’ve been benefitting from My Musclefag hypnosis recordings.

Pete W writes :

“Your “Muscle Fag” audio is helping me fall in love with the pain and structure. It’s getting easier and easier to do my work outs. Thank you! You really understand fags, Sir!”

“Fall in love with the pain and structure”. That’s a major key to success in anything – not just wanting the result, but falling in love with the process that gets you there.

Frequency 615 writes:

“Your Musclefag audio files (particularly #2) have helped my by serving two purposes:

  1. I’m actually excited to get out of bed and hear your voice for the first 30 minutes of my day.
  2. I embark upon my workouts with real purpose and find I can harness the obedient slave within to really make the most of my workout”

“Harness the obedient slave”. Exactly. Such a source of power right there.

And what of Master’s Beast?

“Wow! Muscle Fag Fuel evaporated my lame excuses for eating sugar and anything else that doesn’t build the best version of Master’s beast!…The physical transformation was immediate from the lower calories, nutrients instead of sugar exchanges, and jacked protein changing my body…Master’s beast sees the results in the mirror each morning”

There are seven days in a week, and Someday ain’t one of them

If you’ve been looking in the mirror and thinking “I really need to…”, come get the motivation you need to get moving. Listen and benefit from what I’ve created for My faggots. Listen and build the body that gets hot, dominant men lusting after you.

The rabbi Hillel is known for three sayings, the third of which is “If not now, when?

Don’t put off creating the life you want, in the body you want. Click any of the links above and get what Master has made to help you.

Get started now!

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